Tibet mountain eagle travel co. LTD

———  The spirit of service first ———
Welcome to us
      Tibet mountain eagle travel co. Ltd. is a young, modern travel agency in Tibet. Our agency has a group of managers who have been engaged in tourism for many years, who are experienced and skilled in business, who have extensive social relations and who are honest and trustworthy.
It has advanced modern office facilities and a group of professional guides with good professional spirit and high quality. Relying on the solid and broad actual reception and marketing network formed in Tibet for many years, it also works with airlines, hotels,\nGood cooperation with railway and motorcade will provide you with the best service. We look forward to your visit. Is willing to work with colleagues in the tourism industry, new and old friends to join hands in the grand exhibition, a total of development, create brilliant!\nTibet mountain eagle travel co., LTD., specializing in Tibetan areas, concentrate on service, focus on quality. Infinite scenery brings you! We will, as always, with cordial attitude and professional service, to bring you the best tourism experience
Private custom
We have our own professional tourism service\nTailored exclusive itinerary, free, worry ~~!
Professional and reliable
Price transparency
      Professional in Tibetan areas, concentrate on
                     servi ce, focus on quality
Has a number of professional spirit, high-quality professional guide team
·Rich resources, optimized selection of tourist routes for your choice
The actual reception and marketing network and with various airlines, hotels, railways, fleets of.. Good cooperative relationship, choose us to be more at ease
·we have cooperated with many strategic partners in the tourism strategic brand alliance
 Work Time
Mon to Fri :8:30-22:00
Sat to Sun :9:00-22:00
 Contact Details
Customer service hot:13310891309
Make the tourists happy and happy trip
There are at least two impulsive choices in life, one is for love regardless of personal danger, and one is for traveling when you say goodbye ~!
Tibet potala palace potala gate ticket purchase booking excellent guide Lhasa city day tour
Look back at the history of precipitation in the snow, feel the passage of time at the fingertips; Let the heart through time and space, return to the past
Tibet autonomous driving tour sichuan-tibet southern line luxury 11 autonomous driving tour pure play across Tibet 318 line
Tibet to the United States, the scenery to the must, the sky to the high, shocking soul. Beyond dreams and witness the disappearance of beautiful scenery -- sichuan and Tibet (318) tour 
Tibet to the United States, the scenery to the must, the sky to the high, shocking soul. Enter Tibet from 
Tibet tourism chengdu, nyingchi, lunang linhai, basongcuo, Lhasa, xigaze pure play 7 days
Hotline :

The phone company:
13310891309     0891-6223099
Tibet mountain eagle travel shop
The company address:
No.6, row 6, zone 7, langsai garden, zangre north road, Lhasa, Tibet
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